Steve Yegge convinced me to blog

Steve Yegge’s assertion that “You should write blogs” is what convinced me. I’ve been flip-flopping about whether or not to have a blog, and in the end this sealed the deal. I’ve thought of each of his objections and ultimately the narcissism is what made me throw out the idea. I’m simply not important enough. Who cares what I think. ~

Of course, I wouldn’t even know of Yegge if not for his blog. It is hilarious, thought provoking, and a really handy tool for me to structure my learning around. Even aside from his book recommendations I try to look up all the stuff he references that goes way over my head. I’m really pumped that I’ll be using Design Patterns in a CPSC course this semester, pretty much because Stevey drunkenly blog ranted about it. The Little Schemer is now high on my list of next books to buy and work through, and while I had heard of it before, the description on his blog was the tipping point that really made me interested.

Then there’s the practical. It could someday get me a job. If I were even in a position to hire a CTO, Yegge is now high on my (fantastical, unrealistic) list. And even if I can’t hire him, I know what things to look for ain a boss when I’m being interviewed. Of course in my own case a vast chronicle of my ignorance might hurt my job chances, but hopefully I’ll learn more as I go.

Which is the final reason I wanted to have a blog. As a place to record my emerging thoughts on software, game design, and other stuff I think a lot about. I don’t have any polished pearls of wisdom to dispense, but I can at least have a clear written record of what I’ve learned. Plus, maybe next year it’ll be funny to laugh at what I thought was truth this year.