Code Poetry

I started reading “The Code is not the Text” this weekend, but found it pretty dense and challenging. I am interested in critical code studies, and hope to write further about them, but for this week I decided to attempt writing my own “code poem”. It is written in very bad Ruby. ~

ruby sneakOut.rb

class Begins
  def toTheTeacher
    weekend = 'on my mind'
  end #soon please

  def initlyDistracted

  def ize
    'a plan to make it'

  def ecationNeededSir!

  def tlyLeave
    return 'home'

So, it is neither Shakespeare nor Torvalds, but was kind of fun to do. As it stands right now, it will run but does nothing. I originally wanted to have it run and print a rearranged subset of the poem to the terminal, but figuring out naming conventions was really tough. Ruby syntax is very pretty and readable on its own, but to instantiate an object you have to say “objName =” and I was having difficulty figuring out a word that would make sense after class and before new. Also, figuring out method names that began in def, but would make sense when called later was obviously beyond me. All in all, it was fun, but I am no better at writing poetry in Ruby than I am in English.